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Have you ever heard of Vitamin IV Therapy? It’s a safe and effective way to receive natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into the bloodstream. It enhances your energy, improves your overall mood, and helps prevent future health conditions caused by chronic stress, dehydration, and poor nutrition.

Executive Recharge

Feel sharp and mentally alert with this vitamin infusion that will improve your energy level and mood. This IV cocktail will fuel your body’s wellness and strengthen your immune system. Ideal for executives and business professionals!

Boost and Burn (IV Weight Loss Therapy)

Drip and drop with this highly concentrated dose of amino acids, electrolytes and multi-vitamins that will give you a natural boost to help reach your weight loss goals. This IV cocktail is formulated to boost metabolism and burn fat to support a healthy weight loss.


Empower your body to win. This IV cocktail supports the rebuilding, maintenance and hydration of your muscles, enhancing endurance and recovery. Perfect for athletes, as well as part of a pre-endurance boost or post-event recovery plan.

Immune Boost (Natural Defense)

Protect yourself naturally from disease. Optimize your immune system and detoxify your body with this blend of vitamins & antioxidants that will keep you resilient. Ideal for anyone who wants to prevent an illness from occurring or anyone recovering from an illness.

Royal Flush

Revive yourself with this ultimate liver detox and energy boost to recover and recharge your body. This IV drip pairs powerful nutrients that help flush toxins from the body while restoring fluids and vitamins.

Ageless Aging (NAD+)

Bring your cells back to life! From improving cognition functions to boosting your mood, NAD+ is the holistic IV drip you’ve been waiting for. This IV drip helps keep your brain clear and your cells young.

Meyer’s Cocktail

Relax with this restorative drip that can help restore balance to your mind, body and even soul. Our Meyer’s cocktail is the perfect IV drip to alleviate chronic symptoms like inflammation, muscle pain, fatigue and stress. With the perfect blend of multivitamins and hydration this infusion also helps increase immune support.

Replenish, Rehydrate, Revitalize!